V. Kanhye Health Foods Co. Ltd (VKHF) was incorporated in 2014 in the Republic of Mauritius.

The Director of VKHF, Vinay Kanhye is an Electrical and Electronic Engineer by profession and is very passionate about Moringa and Health.

He is a first generation entrepreneur and hails from an agricultural family background, he had a strong desire to develop a premium quality food supplement that will help the masses to conveniently, enjoy good health at a reasonable cost.

He did a lot of research on Moringa Oleifera (commonly known as Brede Mouroum in Mauritius) and he realised that“Moringa” really is a treasure trove of all sorts of natural biological goodies with a vitamin and micronutrient content that makes our standard five a day fruit and vegetables lacking in goodness by comparison. It is no wonder that it is referred as the “Miracle Plant”.

Vinay realised that in spite of all the nutrition and health benefits of Moringa leaves, the consumption of Moringa was drastically going down, especially in Mauritius. Due to lack of awareness, most people have stopped eating Moringa leaves and they even started cutting down the Moringa trees, which was always present in every back yard, thinking that it is useless.

Vinay realised that the present generation does not like the taste of Brede Mouroum, a traditional food, which was also cumbersome to prepare. He had this dream of making the highly valuable Moringa a part of everyone’s diet, so that everyone can enjoy the health benefits of this “Miracle Plant”.

With further research, he came across Moringa Infusion, which was gaining big popularity in the Western Countries. He concluded that Moringa as an Infusion is the most convenient and most acceptable form.

Vinay’s family owned farmlands in Grand Gaube, the Northern Part of Mauritius. The region is free from air and water pollution and enjoys a sunny weather all year through. Vinay started converting all these farmlands into Moringa Plantation and also simultaneously started the construction of a factory for processing the Moringa leaves into Infusion. Currently VKHF is involved in cultivating a Moringa plantation of about 6 acres and is in the process of adding another 10 acres shortly.

VKHF is the pioneer of Moringa Infusion in Mauritius and is one of the few vertically integrated organisations of the world, that grow their own Moringa plants and also manufacture products from them.

VKHF plantations are 100% Bio and they do not use any Fertilisers, Pesticides or other chemicals. They also employ a specialised manufacturing process to retain all the nutrients of the leaves intact.