V Kanhye Health Foods Co Ltd is the Pioneer Mauritian Moringa grower and producer of Moringa Infusion and Powder since 2015. The company is certified Organic by ECOCERT France and has won several Gold Awards at local and International Level for Innovation, Scale up, Quality and Productivity.

VKHF produces Moringa Infusion, Powder and Capsules which are being sold in most of the major Supermarkets, Mauritius Duty Free Paradise Shop, Spas, Pharmacies and Health Shops in Mauritius. We are also exporting to Reunion, South Africa, UK, France and Canada.

Our unique manufacturing process ensures that the flavours, vitamins, minerals and taste of our Moringa Powder remained same as the fresh leaves.. Our products are pure and natural. We have test result showing absence of harmful bacteria and heavy metals in our products. The pollution free environment, volcanic land and controlled manufacturing process make our Moringa among the best in Global Market in terms of taste and nutrient contents.


Mr Vinay Jayruth Kanhye, the Managing Director of V Kanhye Health Foods Co Ltd (VKHF) is an Electrical Engineer and holds an MBA. His interests in Moringa started in 2012 when he first discovered its virtues while on a holiday in London. He was very fascinated by the nutritional and therapeutic potential of Moringa and decided to exploit in Mauritius.

Director of VKHF